Handsome Hero for President!

Encouraging Confidence, Leadership & Intelligence in Boys


Meet TiffanyJ + Handsome Hero

As a child, I was super shy, intimidated, and a lonesome personality. I suffered badly with depression and had thoughts of suicide multiple times as early as 12 years old. My silence was mistakenly recognized as being quiet when in actuality it was a loud internal cry. It took me 30 years to truly understand the greatness within me, but it should NEVER take another girl nearly that long.

Allow me to introduce you to Handsome Hero. He is the twin brother to my character Super Beauty. He shares passion for Anti-Bullying, Self-Love, and Confidence as does she, but he also has a mission to help boys understand the importance of leadership and intellect.

If only as a child I was able to display and walk in the confidence I have now as an adult, self-esteem booster, inspirational personality, and mentor, I’d imagine that I would make a world of difference in the way children see themselves and accept their peers. Being different doesn’t make you a sour apple, it makes you one worth picking out the bunch.

Handsome Hero has come to Save the Day.